* Cowboy Bebop    

Westerns used to be staple of Hollywood output, but they're few and far between these days. This week's quiz has a mix of the old-time gunslingers and some of the newer young bucks in town, so strap on your big irons and mosey on in...

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1 - 4) Cowboy Match 'Em Up!

Match the gunslinger(s) from the pictures to the movies in which they faced down the bad-guys. Be warned, some sneaky cattle-rustler has slipped in an extra flick or two into the list!

5) Which famous cowboy was "Young Guns" and its sequel centered on?
Billy the Kid
Cool Hand Luke
Quick Draw McGraw
Wild Bill Hickock
9) Kevin Costner's 1994 bore-fest "Wyatt Earp" told the story of who?
The Lone Ranger

Wyatt Earp
6) Which actor WASN'T one of "The Magnificient Seven"?
Steve McQueen
Lee Marvin
Yul Brynner
Charles Bronson
10) Complete the 1946 Western movie title. "My Darling _______"
Sugar Pie

7) Which western is this quote from?
The General
The Postman
11) What did Clint Eastwood have the famous three-man shoot-out at the end of "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly"?
O.K. Corral
On a bridge
Middle of cemetary
On top of speeding train
8) What did "Shane" do at the end of the classic 1953 Western when the little boy kept calling his name?
Gave him the finger
Kept on riding away
Fired pistol into the air
Howled like a gibbon
12) Who did Gene Wilder team up with for the Western action-comedy "The Frisco Kid"?
Richard Pryor
Robert DeNiro
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Harrison Ford



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