** Cop Buddy

They never like each other at first, but they always bond together to crack the case. Try to solve these cop-buddy mysteries.

(1) Where did Chris Tucker take Jackie Chan sight seeing in "Rush Hour" ?
Hollywood sign
Rodeo Drive
Mann's Chinese Theater
(6) Which movie DIDN'T star one black cop and one white cop teamed together ?
Rising Sun
Red Heat
Running Scared
Money Train
(2) What beast did Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams have to battle in "Dead Heat" ?
Blood thirsty koala
Punk rocker vampire
Undead side of beef
Two-headed doberman
(7) In a certain smash movie, Will Smith says this line to his law-enforcing partner. Who is he speaking to?
Martin Lawerence
Tommy Lee Jones
Bill Pullman
Gene Hackman
(3) Which movie is this sound bite from ?
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon 2
Lethal Weapon 3
Lethal Weapon 4
(8) In "48 Hours", where did Eddie Murphy keep his ill-gotten money ?
In his mattress
In a cookie jar
In a safe deposit box
In the trunk of his car
(4) Why did Tango and Cash go to prison?
Undercover to get hostage location
Uncover corrupt prison guard ring
They were framed
Trick question - they didn't go to prison.
(9) In the 1991 movie "Showdown in Little Tokyo", what does Brandon Lee tell partner Dolph Lundgren he wants to do when they finish the case ?
Eat sushi off naked chicks
Date their captain
Have a brandy and a good pipe
Skydive naked
(5) Which sharp shooter became Eddie Murphy's partner in "Metro"?

(10) In "The Hidden", Kyle MacLaghlan teams with cop Michael Nouri to catch a killer. What's strange about Kyle's character ?
He's an alien
He's gay
He's an angel tracking a devil
He's actually the killer