** George the Cloonster    

He grinded it out as a wannabe actor for years, got on a hit show and finally made it big in Hollywood. No, not John Ratzenberger, it's George Clooney!

So watch a few E.R reruns to get in the mood, then dive into a whole mess o' Clooney-riffic questions...

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1 - 6) Order me George

Put the Clooney pics in the order from which he appeared as the character on the big screen (one of them is from a TV character, but it's a gimme on the order it came out...). Start from the oldest (earliest appearance) to the most recent. Good luck!

7) Who was George Clooney's main foe in "Batman and Robin"?
Mr. Freeze
The Riddler
The Joker
10) Why did George and his crew decide to sail home through the "Perfect Storm"?
Didn't know storm was there
Made bet with other ship's crew
Were being chased by sharks
Ice machine broke
8) Why did Clooney have to go back to prison near the end of "Ocean's Eleven"?
Caught on card playing scam
Stole car
Parole violation
Convicted of quadruple homicide
11) Which animated movie did George lend his voice to?
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
Jurassic Park III (Voice of the Spinosaurus)
9) George met up with Samuel L. Jackson at the end of "Out of Sight". What was Sam's forte?
Fencing diamonds
Making Big Kahuna burgers
Escaping from prisons
Laundering money
12) What was the name of the TV station the reporter worked at that George was supposed to take care of in 1999's "Three Kings"?

13 - 16) Clooney Voice Match-a-roo

Match the quote of Clooney to the movie he said it in. There are a few extra flicks in the list, so be careful...

13) Quote #1
14) Quote #2
15) Quote #3
16) Quote #4


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