** John the Carpenter    

He's done his share of iffy flicks but has some of the all-time genre classics under his belt. This week's quiz is to honor one of one of the masters: John "I'll handle the score" Carpenter.

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1) In 1988's "They Live", what did Rowdy Roddy Piper use to see his first aliens?
Video camera
7) What was up with the bridge Snake Plissken had to cross in "Escape From New York"?
Sharks swimming underneath
Covered with hidden explosive mines
Completely ablaze
Made from gingerbread and other sweet treats
2) What was the script reference to Michael Meyers in the classic "Hallowe'en"?
'The Shape'
'The Mask'
'The Body'
8) Who WASN'T one of the three kick-ass 'Storms' in "Big Trouble in Little China"?
3) What happen's to the head of the "Thing" victim when it separates from the host body in the medical room scene in the 1982 legendary flick?
Begins insulting people in room
Shrivels up into skull
Sprouts legs and crawls away
9) What flick is this quote from?
Prince of Darkness
The Thing
Dark Star
4) What number completes the 1976 cool siege-type flick? "Assault on Precinct __"
10) Through what does Satan try to get out of hell and into our world at the end of 1987's "Prince of Darkness"?
A mirror
A movie screen
A young girl's body
A telephone booth
5) What did Chevy Chase do at the start of "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" to prove he was an invisible man?
Chew gum
Juggle pool balls
Kill a dog with his bare hands
11) What spooky thing does Sam Neill see while driving on the highway into the crazy-town at night in "In the Mouth of Madness"?
Clowns throwing cream pies at each other
Priest wandering middle of road
Kid riding bicycle
Girls playing skip rope
6) What J.C flick is this lovely lass from?

They Live
The Thing
Escape from L.A
Big Trouble in Little China
12) What's the title of Carpenter's upcoming 2001 flick?
Ghosts of Mars
Escape From Earth
Hallowe'en 8: Michael Meyers.com
Reign of Fire


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