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From classics to sporty-sleek future cars, cool autos can always add an extra little oomph to any movie. Especially if you get a kick-ass car chase thrown in for no apparent reason. At any rate, see how well you can hot-wire these auto-driven questions for this week's quiz...


1-5) Auto-Match Up

Match the hot-roddin' car to the rubber-burnin' movie. One extra car has been thrown in to keep ya guessin'. Type your answer in UPPERCASE only (A-E) or you won't get scored!

1) Christine A. Interceptor
2) Back to the Future B. Aston Martin
3) Mad Max C. Lambroghini
4) The Spy Who Loved Me D. DeLorean
5) Goldfinger E. Plymouth Fury
    F. Lotus
6) What cool feature does the car Sly drives in "Demolition Man" feature?
Laser Turret
Razor-portruding hubcaps
Insta-foam fillup on crash impact
Virtual reality goggle driving
11) Not a car question, but a bus question. What speed must the bus stay above in "Speed" to avoid detonation?
30 mph
50 mph
55 mph
99 mph
7) What movie is this poster detail from?

Cannonball Run
Death Race 2000
U Turn
12) What classic 1992 movie is this poster from?

Suds n' Sluts
Car Wash Vixens
Soapy Hose Express
Bikini Car Wash Company
8) What escapade doesn't happen in the epic "Ronin" car chase?
Cars go down wrong way of one way street
One car loses both doors
Cars go through tunnel in Paris at high speed a la Princess Di
One car falls off end of uncompleted bridge
13) What car movie featured Luke Skywalker, a.k.a Mark Hamill?
Cannonball Run II
Corvette Summer
Double Cross
License to Drive
9) What company was the main sponsor of Tom Cruise's car in 1990's "Days of Thunder"?
Mello Yello
Coca Cola
Trojan Condoms
14) What are the two cars involved in the cool-classic car chase from 1968's "Bullitt"?
Stingray vs. Ford Falcon
Monaro vs. Impala
Mustang vs. Charger
Porsche 911 vs. Gremlin
10) Who directed the 1971 big rig vs. car battle "Duel"?
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas
Red Buttons
Renny Harlin

15) Which movie DOESN'T feature car thieves?
No Man's Land
Kiss of Death
To Live And Die In L.A