** Fine Young Cannibals    

Yum yum yum. There aren't as many cannibal movies out there as you may think, but there were enough to 'piece' together this week's quiz. So sink your teeth into a veritable smorgasboard of cannibal-riffic trivia.

1) What did Hannibal eat with the census taker's liver?
Some fava beans and a light white wine
Some kidney beans and a light white wine
Some fava beans and a nice chianti

Some kidney beans and a nice chianti
6) In which 1999 movie do cannibalistic barbarians attack some noble Vikings?
Army of Darkness
The Messenger: Joan of Arc
The Hordes
The 13th Warrior
2) What sports team were the boys who crashed in the Andes, before they started munching on each other in 1993's "Alive"?
Lawn bowling
7) Which ISN'T a zombie brain-eating movie?
Dead Alive
Night of the Living Dead
Day of the Dead
Dead Man Walking
3) What famous cannibal-inclusive flick is this poster detail from?

Friday the 13th
Cannibal Terror
Hero and the Terror
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
8) What treat does the young hero of "The Hitcher" receive in his french fries at the diner?
Severed human finger
Severed human tongue
Severed human penis (yee-ouch!)
Severed human leg
4) Which movie featured jungle explorers about to get boiled in a pot by cannibals, like in a Bugs-Bunny cartoon?
King Solomon's Mines
The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck
Music of the Heart
Raiders of the Lost Ark
9) What is the title of the upcoming sequel to "Silence of the Lambs"?
Silence of the Sheep
Silent No More
5) How does the protagonist of 1999's "Ravenous" get his first taste of human blood?
Eats human meat stew
Buried under pile of bodies, blood runs in his throat
Wounded and in hospital, deranged nurse makes him drink blood
Orders can of blood via TV infomercial, likes it
10) Which movie DOESN'T involve some human-flesh fine dining?
Something You Didn't Eat
The People Under the Stairs
Cannibal! The Musical
Eating Raoul