*** Canada Day    

July the first is Canada Day, and you know what that means: everyone in Canada gets out of their igloos for some sunshine, a warm pint of maple syrup, and a roast slice of beaver. To celebrate, here's a quiz on Canada and Hollywood- a two star on the toughie side.

1) The movies in this seizure-inducing montage all have some Canada-related common point. What is it?

Have an action scene that takes place in Canada

Bad guy in movie is from Canada
At least one of top three main billed stars is Canadian

All have scene in which hero enjoys some tasty maple syrup
6) Which movie featured "a Royal Canadian Mountie posing as a prisoner to find out who has been offing penitentiary inmates" (from Leonard Maltin movie summary)?
Dudley Do Right
Death Warrant
Lock Up
2) Which ISN'T a lyric of the Oscar-nominated song "Blame Canada" from the South Park movie?
With all their beady little eyes And flappin' heads so full of lies
It seems that everythings gone wrong Since Canada came along
With all their hockey hubbabaloo And that bitch Anne Murray, too
They drink their beer and chew their ham They curse and swear and shout "Goddamn!"
7) In the 1997 Canadian-made SF flick "Cube", which WASN'T a trap in one of the cube-rooms?
Razor sharp wires
Acid jets
Flame throwers
3) Complete the movie title. "Canadian _________"
8) Which movie told the story of four Jamaican bobsledders at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, and also starred a Canadian actor?
You're Jamaican Me Crazy!
The Need for Speed
Bobsleds Ahoy!
Cool Runnings
4) What was the name of Bob and Doug MacKenzie's dog in "Strange Brew", one of the Greath White North's finest comedic masterpieces?
Yeti the Wonder Pup

9) Which four of these actresses are Canadian by birth?

Neve Campbell Mena Suvari
Pamela Anderson Kirsty Swanson
Jenny McCarthy Natasha Henstridge
Liv Tyler Thandie Newton
5) What role did the Canadian characters in 1999's "The Hurricane" play?
Mounties who helped set up Denzel Washington
Friendly tutors who helped set Denzel free
Journalists who generate renewed interest in the story
Evil dwarves who cause Denzel to lose the big prize fight

10) Which four of these actors are Canadian by birth?

Elijah Wood Jim Carrey
Macaulay Caulkin Rick Schroeder
Michael J. Fox Joshua Jackson
Mike Meyers Chris Tucker