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Computer Generated characters appear more and more in film these days. Whether it's an all-CG movie, or just a cameo appearance by a clumsy Gungan, it seems you can't avoid them. Try and handle an onslaught from our computer friends in this week's quiz...


1 - 4) CG Character matchup!

Match the CG character to the movie they are from. As always, a few extra flicks thrown in to spice up the multiple choice stew, so be wary...

5) Recently in the news, a movie studio announced plans to release a feature non-animated movie starring a computer-generated version of a dead actor. Who is the actor who will be making a return from the grave?
Humphrey Bogart
Bruce Lee
James Dean
Elvis Presley

9) What was the motto of Buzz Lightyear, the CG rendered spaceman of "Toy Story"?
"To Eternity and Beyond!"
"To Forever and Beyond!"
"To the Universe and Beyond!"
"To Infinity and Beyond!"
6) Which character of "Star Wars: Episode I" was NOT mainly computer generated?
Jabba the Hutt
Boss Nass

10) What was the name of the computer generated overlord that ruled the world of "TRON"?

7) The 2001 all-CG "Final Fantasy" was based on a video game which orginally debuted on what gaming platform?
Sega Genesis
Super NES
Original Nintendo
11) The 2000 release "Blood: The Last Vampire" was hailed for its blend of computer generated effects with what animation form?
Anime (Japanese animation)
Stop motion modelling
Black and white hand drawn
8) Which was the first Disney animated movie to have a background sequence that was 100% rendered using computers?
Beauty and the Beast
12) WSteven Spielberg is planning a re-release of "E.T" for next year. Aside from some CG-E.T action, what other computer 'enhancement' will be made?
Helicopters added to bicycle chase at end
All guns digitally removed
New species of aliens added
Elliot forcefully taken inside E.T's ship