* Big Guns    

Sometimes what a movie needs is a little extra firepower to nudge it from an action rating of 'ho-hum' to BLAMBLAMBLAM. Strap on your six shooters to tackle this week's quiz...

No sound on your computer? Hints are at the bottom.
1) Which model of gun was Dirty Harry known for using?

6) Which movie had high-tech super guns with scopes that allowed the user to see through walls of buildings, and packed the firepower to blast right through them?
How To Make An American Quilt
2) In which movie was a remote-controlled gun used to try to assasinate the First Lady?
The Target
The Package
The Jackal
Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
7) In which movie did we see guns that fired heat-seeking bullets?
Total Recall
Exit Wounds
102 Dalmatians
3) Which director's trademark is having people fire two guns at once?
Steven Spielberg
Sean S. Cunningham
Renny Harlin
John Woo
8) What did we learn about Glock handguns from Bruce Willis in "Die Hard 2"?
Come in hot pink and neon lime colors
Can hold 24 bullets
Can get through airport security
One shot can blow up a jet liner
4) Which movie is this blurry pic of a big guy and big gun from?


Missing In Action
Bridget Jones's Diary
Digimon: The Movie
9) What movie is this quote from?
Dirty Harry
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Battlestar Galactica
Lethal Weapon 2
5) Which gun is often used by Soviet forces in movies like "Red Dawn"?
10) What was the name of the gun Hicks taught Ripley how to use in "Aliens"?
Chain gun
Plasma rifle
Pulse Rifle
44 Magnum



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