** A Band Apart    

Tarantino pretty much began his own new genre with the '92 fave "Reservoir Dogs", and has been busy ever since. Whether writing, directing or (urk) acting, there's always a little extra spice in the cinematic stew when Quentin's involved...

1) A Question of Character?
Select from this list the names of characters who have appeared in Tarnatino-penned movies. Hint: there are between two and four.
Gilius Thunderhead Vincent Vega
Marsellus Wallace Jackie Jones
Mr. Pink Alabama Whitman
6) Star Power
Which of these A-list hollywood stars have graced a Tarantino-penned flick? Hint: there are between two and four
Brad Pitt Robert De Niro
Harrison Ford Mel Gibson
Tom Cruise Al Pacino
2) What did the crooks plan to steal in "Reservoir Dogs"?
Computer chips
Account info for offshore bank accounts
Pokemon cards
7) What was this guy's name in "Pulp Fiction"?


Mr. Black
3) What happens to Tarantino's character in "From Dusk Till Dawn"?
Killed by vampires
Eaten by rats
Discovers cure for polio
Gets away
8) In what movie don't we see Quentin?
Jackie Brown
Four Rooms
Reservoir Dogs
4) Who played Christian Slater's dad in the Tarantino flick "True Romance"?
Dennis Hopper
Martin Sheen
Funnyman Jim Carrey
Samuel L. Jackson
9) What was the bet in the Tarantino-directed episode at the end of "Four Rooms"?
Could jump off top of hotel into swimming pool
Could light lighter ten times
Could drink beer glass full of urine
Could recite Homers "The Iliad" blindfolded
5) What weapon DOESN'T Bruce pass over before settling on the samurai sword to save Ving Rhames' character with, in "Pulp Fiction"?
Baseball bat

Hand axe

10) What did Tarantino's character do in "Desperado"?
Told a funny joke about a guy pissing all over a bar
Killed Antonio Banderas' character
Robbed a bank; escaped on a bicycle
Fired proton torpedo down Death Star's exhaust port

11-14) Quote Matchup - Obvious warning: contains some language

Match the quote to the Tarantino movie. Type your answer in lower or uppercase.

11) Pulp Fiction Quote A
12) Jackie Brown Quote B
13) True Romance Quote C
14) Reservoir Dogs Quote D