** Cheer for the Bad Guy    

Sure you can have goody goody heroes leading the charge against the forces of evil. But sometimes it's funner to watch a bad-ass get in on with the cops and/or other even meaner bad-asses. So get ready to go head to head with the anti-hero of the action flick.

1) How much money was bad guy hero Mel Gibson trying to collect in "Payback"?
6) Which of these "Usual Suspects" was named McManus? (Click on the correct crook, or type in your answer- they are A to E left to right)

2) Who wasn't part of the criminal gang in 1995's "Heat"?
Robert De Niro
Val Kilmer
Al Pacino
Tom Sizemore
7) In the new release "Get Carter", why does mob enforcer Sly go on a rampage?
Brother killed
Money stolen
Wife and daughter beaten
Hamburger eaten
3) What abililty did murder convict turned group leader Riddick have in 2000's "Pitch Black"?
See in dark
Skin change like a chameleon
Super sensitive hearing
Great singing voice
8) Who killed hitman John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction"?
Samuel L. Jackson
Ving Rhames
Tim Roth
Bruce Willis
4) The boys of "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" got into debt big with a mobster. How did they plan to solve their financial woes?
Stick up gang of robbers
Sell suitcase full of cocaine
Assassinate mob leader
Bet on fixed boxing match
9) What did Leon the assassin take care of, besides Natalie Portman, in 1994's "The Professional"?
5) Which movie had Harvey Keitel and Stephen Dorff committing an armed jewel heist?
The Real McCoy
Reservoir Dogs
City of Industry
10) In which movie does the main character, who is a badass kidnapper, say this to his hostage? (Language Warning)
Killing Zoe
Way of the Gun
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Peacemaker



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