** Back to the Future    

With the flicks finally coming out on DVD, it's time for a look at that time-travellin' trilogy that everyone loves (well, everyone at least loves part one, anyways...)

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1 - 8) Back to the Flick match!

Match the picture to the entry it was from!

9) Which entry in the series was directed by Steven Spielberg?
Part I
Part II
Part III
Trick question - none of them

13) What "Jaws" entry did Marty see a holographic ad for, in the future of Part II?
Part 10
Part 12
Part 15
Part 19
10) Enter the last name only of the character who said this.
14) Biff's ancestor caused trouble for Marty and Doc in the Old West, in Part III. What was his nickname?
Sweet Pea
Mad Dog


11) Why did Marty start to play guitar poorly at the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance in Part I?
Biff had broken two of his fingers
His hand was disappearing
He was too nervous
He had radiation sickness
15) What did Marty say his name was, in Part III?
Clint Eastwood
Dirty Harry
Charles Bronson
Billy the Kid
12) What's true about the future in Back to the Future Part II?
No lawyers
Always daytime
All of Australia inhospitable
U.S President named Spielberg
16) Where did Doc say would have been a worse place for him to end up, rather than the Old West, in Part III?
Bronze Age
Dark Ages

Stone Age


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