** How Arnie Got His Groove Back    

He's had gargantuan hits and titanic- sized bombs. Test your intellectual prowess against that of the Austrian juggernaut in this Arnie- based quiz.


Arnie-ism Extravaganza
Match the Arnie-ism (or just plain line) to the movie in which it was delivered. Type the letter of the sound file in lowercase into the box at the right of the movie title.

  (1) The Terminator Arnie-ism [a]  
  (2) Predator Arnie-ism [b]  
  (3) Commando Arnie-ism [c]  
  (4) Total Recall Arnie-ism [d]  
  (5) The Running Man Arnie-ism [e]  

(6-8) What Year ?
Type in two digits to complete the year the movie was released

Terminator 2 19
True Lies 19
Last Action Hero 19



(12) What Arnie movie is this poster from?

Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Hercules in New York
None of the above


9) Arnie wasn't billed with his real name in his early movie "Hercules in New York". What was he listed as?
Arnold Stinky
Arnold Strong
Arnold Stockman
None of the above
13) What futuristic weapon does Arnie ask the gun store owner for, in the original "Terminator"?
Plasma pulse laser, 40 watt range
Trans-pulse rifle, 40 watt range
Phased gig beam, 40 watt range
Good ol' fashioned slingshot
10) What was the name of the bald black bad guy posse that teamed up with the Russian mafia baddies in "Red Heat"?
The Wankers
The Cueballs
The Shineboys
The Cleanheads
14) Which Arnie comedy DIDN'T feature Danny DeVito ?
Jingle All the Way
Trick Question - they all did
11) What's the name of a character Arnie HASN'T played?
Col. Smith
Mr. Freeze
John Kruger
15) What is Arnie's last name? See if you can spell it corrrectly (remember to capitalize the first letter only- the computer needs an exact match! - and don't leave a space on the end)