* Air Combat    

"Top Gun" was the grand-daddy of the modern air combat flick, but there have been plenty since then. Strap yourself in, arm your sidewinders, and get set for this week's air-show extravaganza...

1-4) Aircraft matchup!
Match the plane to the flick in which it played the most central role (ie- the plane the hero mainly used). As always one extra flick put in to keep you honest!
5) Nicolas Cage starred with Tommy Lee Jones in which helicopter-version "Top Gun" clone flick?
Blue Thunder
Iron Eagle III
Fire Birds
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

8) What kind of planes did we see a lot of in the summer semi-blockbuster "Pearl Harbor"?
Stealth bombers
6) In which movie do we see U.S fighter jets fight alien spacecraft?
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Independence Day
X-Files: Fight the Future
9) What war was the Mel Gibson flick "Air America" set against?
Vietnam War
Persian Gulf
The Clone Wars
7) What did Tom Cruise do to the Russian MiG pilot at the start of "Top Gun"?
Bump his canopy
Shoot him down with sidewinder
Give him the finger
Make him a ham sandwich
10) What was the key for Clint Eastwood's precision handling of the "Firefox"?
Close eyes
Drink vodka
Reduce speed as much as possible
Think in Russian