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And now for something a little different to start of the millenium. Assuming there's been no global electronic meltdown, this quiz should give a little brain twist with matching up common factors. Instructions are below, so good luck and good matching...

2-000 Pair Up
In this quiz, choose from the letters below to find the two movies that have the same thing in common. Always put your answer as two letters in alphabetical order, that is, your answer must be in the format with the earliest letter first, followed by the later. For example: if the question is "Which two movies featured Harrison Ford", your answer would be AT, not TA. Put the letters in alphabetical order, or you won't get scored for the right answer!
A) Raiders of the Lost Ark J) Bachelor Party S) The Thirteenth Floor
B) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly K) Night of the Living Dead (1968) T) Patriot Games
C) Nosferatu (1922) L) Evil Dead 2 U) Quest for Fire
D) Hard Boiled (1992) M) Chinatown V) Saving Private Ryan
E) Forrest Gump N) The Green Mile W) The Matrix
F) End of Days O) The Wizard of Oz X) The Addams Family
G) Unforgiven P) Apollo 13 Y) A Fistful of Dollars
H) Dune Q) Strange Days Z) Pleasantville
I) The Road Warrior R) The Two Jakes  
1) Which two movies take place just before and on New Years Eve, 1999?
6) Which two movies are spaghetti Westerns?
2) What two movies featured Tom Hanks that DIDN'T also feature Gary Sinise?
7) Which two movies are the original and its sequel?
3) Which two movies featured a human hand that could run around on it's own?
8) Which two movies have won the Oscar for Best Picture?
4) Which two movies take place seperated from the present time by at least five thousand years?
9) Which two movies have major parts in both color and black and white (not just flashes)?
5) Which two movies featured storylines in which the world we live in is actually a fantasy world created by computers?

10) Which two movies were directed by Steven Spielberg?